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Case Study - Training & Education
Festo Implements Holographic Assembly Training with HoloLens

02.10.2017, Iris Feuchter

In the fields of training and education, Mixed Reality (MR) is proving to be one of the most powerful innovations in years. Aside from being a cost-effective means to automate training processes, MR holograms give learners more ways to truly interact with complex concepts, increasing their abilities as well as their engagement.

Whether preparing young learners in schools and universities or training employees in industrial settings, education through MR is a game-changer.

Festo and Holo-Light have explored Mixed Reality’s potential applications for training and education in an industrial setting. High turnover is a reality which many manufacturing companies face, making the ability to quickly and effectively train new staff a necessity. With the Festo Assembly Training application, Holo-Light and Festo are helping new employees understand and practice assembly processes by creating a digital workspace in which a user can undergo training with the assistance of a Mixed Reality device. Through holographic and voice instructions, workers can learn every operating procedure and every necessary detail step by step. This not only reduces cost and time expenditures, but also creates better trained employees.

Holo-Light, training & education

Problem: High worker turnover in monotonous work processes, leading to a waste of resources in training new workers.

Solution: Holographic recreation of the workspace with step by step instructions and integrated training module.

Benefit: Faster and highly intuitive training process for new workers which requires less resources.

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