Holo-Light Training BASF

Case Study - Training

Training BASF

02.08.2018, Iris Feuchter

The Water Resources Act defines very clear guidelines when it comes to work processes which are meant to maintain or improve general water management. Therefore, in order to smoothly and properly complete such an operation, the obligatory training processes are very complex and time-intensive.

To communicate work processes like these, Holo-Light created a training case in collaboration with BASF which transfers knowledge in a playful manner. The application shows and teaches workers the process of successfully exchanging the sealing washer of a flange model.

The application guides the user through the right tools and visually describes every step in pictures, videos, and animations to manage the exchange process on the real-life object. The knowledge of the worker is also queried in the form of an interactive quiz on the HoloLens to round off the training sessions in an entertaining way. By combining these two aspects, the application is able to provide both theoretical and practical training to ensure optimal results.


Problem: Complex and extensive provisions which regulate certain workflows complicate simple training processes

Solution: A Mixed Reality application supports the learning process both theoretically and practically 

Benefit: Having a better overview and a playful, integrated way of testing a worker’s knowledge improve the training quality and its results

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