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The illusion of physical motion caused by movement or sensations in a virtual environment.


The corners, or vertices, of a polygon.


A metric used to gauge a user's visual interaction with a fully rendered element within their field of view in a digital environment. Often related to advertising content, this can be measured by a variety of factors, such as: duration or direction of gaze, distance between the user and an object, or time spent in an environment.


The points from which a user’s vision extends into a virtual environment. Ray tracing and geometry creation are directed toward these points.

Virtual MIS

The utilization of computer-generated models and specialized devices which simulate surgical instruments so that medical professionals can practice minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures in a virtual environment.

Virtual Plant

A computer-generated simulation for mapping out all steps in the manufacturing process for a given factory. This allows engineers to virtually experiment with the optimal layout for a factory, from the intake of raw materials to the shipping of finished products.

Virtual prototype

A digital model of a proposed object or design meant to act as a prototype prior to physical production and construction. Primarily used as a tool for designers or engineers to manipulate and explore a potential creation or as a virtual prop to present product ideas to others.

Virtual Reality (VR)

A computer-generated environment through which a user can navigate and containing objects with which the user can interact. Designed to create a feeling of immersion.

Virtual Room

A virtual space filled with sponsored advertising content which a user can choose to enter. The virtual room is composed of all components of the space: the room itself, the objects in it, and any interactions which can occur in the room.

Virtual world

The complete virtual environment within a particular simulation.

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