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Tactile displays

Devices which transmit tactile and kinesthetic information.


Using VR technology in learning environments to teach and explain concepts.


The manipulation of distant objects with the assistance of robotic devices.


A person performing telemanipulation.


A medical educational tool used to create interactive environments and run simulations in real time with Silicon Graphics, Inc. systems.


Remotely controlling an object or machine with sufficient sensory feedback to make a user feel as if they are in the remote location.


A digital drawing on a still image or video to communicate additional information about the visual representation, frequently used during weather reports and sports analysis. Has the potential to allow remote experts to assist workers in repairing or understanding problems on which they need expert assistance.


The sensation of being somewhere other than one’s physical location when using VR.

Temporal lobe

The region of the brain responsible for receiving and processing auditory information. Positioned below the parietal lobe in both hemispheres of the brain.


Geographical models which can be created from actual geographic data or randomly generated.

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