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Scenes view

When a virtual environment is viewed on a flat surface such as a large screen or terminal window instead of with immersive glasses or devices.


When the vision of only one eye is obscured, or occluded.

Sensing Technology

Any technology which receives and can send sensory information about the physical world—including, but not limited to, touch, pressure, temperature, brightness, movement—to machines. Can be used by businesses to regulate and optimize processes and collect essential data.

Shared worlds

Virtual environments which can be experienced simultaneously by multiple users.

Shutter glasses

Glasses which alternately obscure the vision of the left and right eye in combination with a computer which displays rapidly alternating left-eye and right-eye images. This creates a stereoscopic image on a two-dimensional digital display.

Simulator sickness

Various levels of physical discomfort—including, but not limited to, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue—experienced after spending time in a simulator. This may be caused by receiving contradictory sensory information such as: delays in physical feedback, asynchronous visual cues for ocular convergence and accommodation, and atypical sensations of movement due to the weight or motion of simulation equipment.

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF)

The ability of a rigid body to move in three directions and rotate about three axes, creating six coordinates which specify position and orientation.

Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF)

A user's ability to move in three directions and rotate about three axes—most often described as being able to move forward, backward, left, right, up, and down in a virtual environment. Tethered VR headsets enable 6DOF in their experiences.

Smart Glasses

Computer-enhanced glasses which display digital information for the wearer. Can be used in a variety of industries to add helpful and essential information to the physical world.

Spatial navigation

The ability to orient oneself and move about in a virtual environment.

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