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A system for calculating the diffuse lighting of computer-generated objects which can account for multiple sources of light reflecting off multiple surfaces.

Ray tracing

A method for creating a 3D object with shading and shadows by following rays of light from the viewing position back to a ray’s point of origin.

Real time (VR)

When an action occurs in a virtual environment with no humanly perceptible delay following the initial user input which triggered the action.

Real-time imaging

Graphics and images which are updated in concert with real-world events and time.

Real-Time Rendering

Content which is processed and displayed in real time in response to a user's inputs, actions, or location. In AR, real-time rendering allows digital objects to be updated as the scene changes, creating a dynamic experience instead of a static overlay.

Reality engine

A computer system which can generate virtual environments and objects based on user interactions, frequently in real time.

Refresh rate

The frequency with which an image or graphic is reproduced on a digital display.

Remote Collaboration

Real-time interaction and information exchange with colleagues or collaborators through digital means such as video conferencing or shared digital spaces. Enables instantaneous communication which can lead to reduced risks and errors.

Resolution (VR)

The amount of pixels in a digital display.

Retinal binocular disparity (RBD)

The difference between how two eyes perceive the angle of a stereoscopic object.

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