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Angular movement of vision along any directional axis in a three-dimensional environment.

Pan shot

Presentation of a scene while moving about any axis. See also: track shot.


The discrepancy in viewing angle caused by having two eyes which view the same image from slightly different positions, creating a perception of depth. Also known as binocular parallax. See also: motion parallax.

Parietal lobe

The region of the brain responsible for receiving and processing sensory, spatial, and directional information. Positioned above the occipital and temporal lobes.


Techniques which dictate the relative size and position of graphical objects in order to create an illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface.

Phong shading

A method for computing the accurate shading of individual surface pixels on a polygon by using linear interpolation and the cosine of the viewing angle. Creates smooth, realistic shading.


The creation of highly detailed, photographic-like images through non-photographic means.


A 360 degree photo of one's environment frequently used in Virtual Reality.

Pitch (VR)

The smallest graphical element of an image.

Pixel (VR)

The smallest graphical element of an image.

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