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Latency (VR)

Delay or lag between user input and tracker response in a digital system.

Level of detail (LOD) (VR)

Refers to the resolution of a given model of an object in relation to other models of the same object. Graphic performance can be improved by using a model with a lower LOD when the object requires fewer pixels or is placed in an area of lesser visual importance.

Liquid crystal display (LCD)

A digital display composed of a liquid-crystal film placed between thin panes of glass, whose optical properties react to changes in voltage. Often used in HMDs.

Live 360

A live, 360 degree, Virtual Reality video or experience streamed via an app or website (e.g., Facebook or YouTube) in which remote users can participate in real time.

Location-Based VR

A Virtual Reality experience which takes place in a public space (e.g., a mall or theme park) where the physical environment is designed to enhance the VR experience. For example, if a user walks past flowers in the virtual world, they would smell a floral fragrance at the same time. Location-based VR encourages communal participation in VR experiences and can be a way for advertisers to promote their services through word of mouth.

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