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Hand Tracking

A device's ability to track hand movements in Augmented and Virtual Reality in order to give a user more control and create a more naturalistic experience.


An advantage of wearables which respond to voice commands or bodily motions instead of requiring touch or hand movements. Often delivers information directly to the user's line of sight, so that they can continue working unimpeded.

Haptic interfaces

Physical sensors which communicate sensory information, such as touch, to a user’s skin and transmit force feedback from their muscles and joints.


Integrating touch-based inputs and outputs for communicating with computer systems into wearable technology.

Head tracking

Tracking the position and orientation of a user’s head with various sensor-enabled devices.


Actions or displays which are controlled by commands communicated through movement of the head via a head tracking device.

Head-mounted display (HMD)

Glasses, goggles, or helmet-like devices with small digital displays in front of each eye which allow a user to see 3D digital graphics. The HMD usually is connected to a head tracker so that the digital graphics change with the user’s head movements.

Head-related transfer function

A mathematical modification of the sound spectrum which alters the amplitude and phase of acoustic signals in order to adjust for the effect which the shape of a user’s head has on sound.

Heads-up display

A digital display device through which a user can see virtual elements and digital graphics superimposed on the real world.

Heat Map

A color-coded map of a virtual environment which identifies the most heavily viewed areas of the space. Can be categorized based on a the amount of time spent in a given part of the virtual space or the focus of a user's gaze.

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