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A camera—on a cell phone, head-mounted display, tablet, etc.— is the mechanism which makes projecting augmented objects into the physical world possible.

Camera Array

A collection of cameras which are arranged to capture multiple images and angles of a single object or scene. The resulting images can be combined to create a spherical image.

CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment)

A virtual environment projected onto the walls and ceiling of a room to create the illusion of a fully immersive virtual reality.

Computer graphics

The branch of computer science focused on making, manipulating, or analyzing visual data. Can also refer to using computers to create, alter, or evaluate images in any industry or setting.

Connected Worker

A worker who utilizes smart technology to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), making information necessary for their job more easily and quickly available. Can be used in a variety of industries—from manufacturing, to natural resources, to healthcare—to improve output and employee performance.


Devices which a user holds in their hands and utilizes to interact with a virtual environment. Controllers make it possible to move about in or engage with various aspects of a virtual world. Can also provide haptic feedback to a user in order to increase the level of immersion.


Data points which specify where an object is in space. The amount of coordinates is dependent upon the dimensions of a space.

Cue conflict

A theory which seeks to explain a type of motion sickness which can be caused by one’s body receiving contradictory sensory information. In Augmented Reality, can be caused by inadequately calibrated devices or a disconnect between sensory and visual perception.


A computer-based reality, often a 3D environment. See also: virtual reality.

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