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Image distance

The perceived distance to an object. Different from the real object distance, in the event that there is a real object.


The emotional reaction a user experiences in response to being part of a virtual environment.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIot)

Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industrial sector in order to optimize manufacturing processes in terms of both efficiency and accuracy.

Industry 4.0

A German government initiative synonymous with Smart Factories and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Promotes combining advanced manufacturing methods with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing in order to create a connected network of devices which can not only communicate with each other, but also evaluate, plan, and optimize actions in the physical world.


In relation to digital media, the reciprocal communication between sender and recipient. In this configuration, the user can become the creator and the creator can become the user.

Interaural amplitude

The differing perception of a sound’s intensity between a person’s two ears, usually a result of the sound’s point of origin.

Interaural time

The differing perception of a sound’s duration between a person’s two ears, usually a result of the sound’s point of origin.


A digital boundary across which devices and programs can connect to each other. An interface can be a connector used to link one software program to another, a software program to a piece of hardware, or one piece of hardware to another. Usually there is an intermediate component which links together multiple systems’ independent interfaces.

Interface (VR)

Software and devices which allow a user to interact with computers in order to perform tasks.


A digital, worldwide communications network which allows people to explore and share virtual worlds.

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