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Frustum of vision

The three-dimensional field of view which encompasses all virtual objects visible at any given viewing angle.


Gaze is the first form of input and is a primary form of targeting within mixed reality. Gaze tells you where the user is looking in the world and lets you determine their intent. In the real world, you'll typically look at an object that you intend to interact with. This is the same with gaze.


When a user views a Virtual Reality ad for a specified amount of time and triggers further sponsored content or contributes to data measuring advertising effectiveness. VR equivalent of a traditional click-through ad.


A way for a system to determine geographical location and boundaries using GPS, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or similar location-tracking technologies. Can be used to track employees, cutomers, or goods or to set geographical limits for accessing certain information.


Movement of the hand(s) which communicates information in the form of symbols or signals.

Google Glass

Smartglasses developed by Google X (now X) in 2013 designed to look like standard eyeglasses and promote computing anytime and anywhere. Used in business environments to improve outcomes, optimize processes, and speed up information transfer.

Gouraud shading

A method of polygon shading which uses bilinear interpolation to create a smoothly shaded polygon.

Hand Tracking

A device's ability to track hand movements in Augmented and Virtual Reality in order to give a user more control and create a more naturalistic experience.


An advantage of wearables which respond to voice commands or bodily motions instead of requiring touch or hand movements. Often delivers information directly to the user's line of sight, so that they can continue working unimpeded.

Haptic interfaces

Physical sensors which communicate sensory information, such as touch, to a user’s skin and transmit force feedback from their muscles and joints.

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