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The virtual version of a user capable of communicating and interacting with others in a virtual environment.

Back-Facing Camera Orientation

An Augmented Reality set-up in which the camera is oriented away from a user's face in order to display and alter aspects of the physical environment. Opposite of front-facing camera orientation.

Binocular Omni-Orientation Monitor

A 3D viewer connected to a stationary boom which allows a user to interact with a virtual environment by holding the viewer up to their eyes and moving freely in space. The viewer tracks the boom’s position and orientation and transmits the user’s viewing angle to the computer.

Binocular Smart Glasses

Smartglasses which have separate optical displays for each eye, such as the Epson BT-200. This method allows augmented reality overlays on everything within the wearer's field of view.


Bloom is a core gesture of HoloLens, which is used to always go back to the Start Menu. It‘s equivalent to pressing the Home Button of a smartphone.

Body-Worn Devices

Devices which are worn on the body but are not wrist-based, allowing for hands-free interaction with information. These include smartglasses, tech-enabled clothing, audio devices, etc.

Brilliant Factory

A phrase orignated by GE to describe a factory in which smart technologies, such as AR/MR/VR and associated devices, are implemented to improve workflow and tasks by connecting workers, data, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in a seamless manner. Improves manufacturing output by minimizing waste and increasing efficiency. Also known as a Smart Factory.


Information such as indexes, lists, or interactive maps to help a user navigate through the space, time, and concepts of a virtual environment.


A camera—on a cell phone, head-mounted display, tablet, etc.— is the mechanism which makes projecting augmented objects into the physical world possible.

Camera Array

A collection of cameras which are arranged to capture multiple images and angles of a single object or scene. The resulting images can be combined to create a spherical image.

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