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180 Degree Video

A form of video which records 180 degrees of a scene. In contrast to 360 degree video, this keeps a user's focus on the objects in front of them and keeps them from having to move their body or a mouse in order to view the full experience.

360 Video

A form of video which records all 360 degrees of a scene. In playback mode, a viewer can change their viewing angle by rotating about the world and see all 360 degrees of a scene. Increasingly used by companies to create immersive experiences for marketing and training purposes. Also known as immersive or spherical video.

Air tap

Air tap is a core gesture of HoloLens, which is used to interact with virtual content. It‘s a tapping gesture with the hand held upright and similar to a mouse click or select.

Allow Rate

The percentage of users who allow an Augmented Reality ad or experience access to their camera when requested.

AR Engagement

Any user interaction—swiping, clicking, etc.—within an Augmented Reality experience.

AR Session Time

The amount of time a user spends within an Augmented Reality experience with their camera on.

Artificial Reality

Virtual environments created through the use of computers and audiovisual devices.

Assisted Reality

Placing information such as manuals, checklists, or diagnostics in a person's line of view, enabling hands-free interation with data. An efficient solution which has many potential applications in the industrial sector.

Augmented Reality

Enabling a user to simultaneously view both digital elements and the real world, usually with the assistance of special computer-enabled glasses.

Augmented Virtuality (AV)

Augmented Virtuality means to add some physical paramteres while being in a virtual world. The degree of immersion is usually very high. Using controllers and sensors to be able to move and grab virtual objects helps users to feel like a part of the virtual world.

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