Holo-Light Technology

What is Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)
and Mixed Reality (MR)?

In order to help you better understand the world of VR/AR/MR, here’s some information about the technology.

Mixed Reality

Reality-Virtuality Continuum

Paul Milgram created the reality-virtuality continuum, which shows all possible variations and compositions of real and virtual objects. Between the real environment (the physical world without any additional virtual content) and the virtual environment (the virtual world without any additional real content), there are many other realities.

Important parameters influencing the classification are the degree of immersion, the type of holograms, and the methods of interaction between the real and virtual worlds. Here’s how to keep it all straight.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) means overlaying the visible natural world with a 2D layer of digital content. The user is still able to see his surroundings. It‘s very similiar to MR but represents basically only a small part of MR. Users usually use handhelds as well as smart glasses.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) can be anything between our real environment and the virtual environment. In the narrow sense virtual objects are integrated into the natural world as well as responsive to her. Real and virtual world merge and complement each other. Virtual objects are 3D and users interact with gestures and voice commands.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) places the user in a completely virtual environment, so that he‘s no longer able to see the real world around him. He‘s wearing a head-mounted display and is able to interact with the virtual content around him using controllers etc.

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