Holo-View, Holo-Light product

Fast and Simple CAD Visualization for Industry 4.0

Transform your CAD models into full 3D holograms with a few simple clicks and view, edit or present it on any HMD.

Use Mixed Reality to bring your 3D content to life by uploading CAD files from a PC to your holographic device and share the experience with others. While it would usually require deep programming knowledge to render 3D objects on holographic devices like Microsoft HoloLens, Holo-View enables the user to bring their CAD projects into any real world space via a simple “Drag and Drop” process.

Key Features

Holo-View, software, directly upload CAD files

Easily Drag’n Drop Your Files
Directly upload CAD files from your PC to Microsoft HoloLens or any other HMDs via USB/Wifi. You can use different file formats.

Holo-View, activate the multi-user mode

Share What You See
Activate the multi-user mode to share your CAD models with customers and collaborate with colleagues.

Holo-View, interact with single components

Interact with Single Components
Scale, move, and rotate components of any CAD model using our Manipulation Panel.

Holo-View, make cross sections

Make Cross Sections
Set cuts with the cross section feature and take a look into a model’s inner life.

Holo-View, manipulate your objects

Manipulate your Objects
Select, highlight, or hide parts with the Hierarchy Tree feature. The Hierarchy Tree lists all single parts of your 3D model.

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