Holo-View Holo-Stylus Unique Input Device

Your AR/VR/MR input device for head-mounted displays

Interaction with virtual content is a key component for a smooth handling of AR, but recent interaction methods in AR/VR/MR do not offer a precise and intuitive way. Holo-Stylus is a cross-platform input device, that results from our own tracking method based on Artificial Intelligence which enables the highest level of precision. It is able to improve all sorts of AR applications and works as an enabler for some new use cases too.

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Holo-Stylus Augmented and Mixed Reality Input Device for Industry 4.0

Natural & Intuitive

Easy and intuitive interactions when using it for everyday tasks.

Holo-Stylus Industrial AR and MR Input Device for Industry 4.0

Simplify Coordinations

Precisely mark objects and map out robotic movements.

Holo-Stylus AR and MR Input Device for Industry

Precise Tracking

Use its submillimeter-accurate tracking for the most delicate interactions.

Holo-Stylus opens up new use case possibilities

Holo-Stylus’ unprecedented level of precision opens up new control possibilities in areas ranging from the medical sector to training cases with delicate hand movements like welding or soldering. More accurate measurements can be achieved, robotics can be controlled, or notes can be created in a much more intuitive way. Also digital content can be designed more precisely or even created entirely in virtual space without any loss of detail.

Stylus is now available with an SDK, so that you can integrate it in your own solution.


Holo-Stylus’ Key Features boosting your AR- experience

• Unmatched precision down to the millimeter
• Intuitive Interaction that comes in the common form of a pen
• Cross-Platform-Approach
• Creation and Interaction Tool

Our Awards

Holo-Light wins German Innovation Award 2018 and AWE Auggie Award 2018.

Holo-Light German Innovation Award 2018 Winner - Augmented and Mixed Reality
Holo-Light AWE Auggie Awards Winner - AR & MR Input Device
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