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Case Study - Building Information Modeling (BIM)

STIHL uses Mixed Reality (MR) to Visualize an Entire House Before It Is Built

02.10.2017, Iris Feuchter

Problem: Having a simultaneous overview of every aspect of a construction process is almost impossible.

Solution: Comparison of current building status with holographic target model in order to accurately visualize the structure throughout the construction process.

Benefit: Real-time information exactly where you need it, helping workers fully realize their building design and present it to others.

It is very difficult to manage a real-time comparison of an actual building and its target model during a construction project, all while maintaining an accurate overview of the process. Are the pipes where they need to be? Is every component required for the next step in place? Is everything still proceeding according to schedule?

Usually, companies try to keep track of all of this information by using several lists and 2D construction plans. BIM software collects and visualizes all relevant building information while constantly synchronizing data. This not only makes it available to all collaborators in real time, but also enables a better exchange of information.

Holo-Light created an interface between its software and BIM software in order to visualize a building for one of STIHL’s groundbreaking ceremonies. This MR solution brings many new benefits. It enables a company to compare the target model to the actual building by creating a holographic overlay, which immediately checks the accuracy of the work done so far. Project teams could have the ability to check pipes and other technical, electrical, or safety components while their relevant data is visualized, along with viewing instructions, improvements, or changes for the next steps in the project. This MR solution also has the potential to keep projects within their original time frames and immediately correct mistakes, or even avoid them altogether.

Holo-Light, building information modeling
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