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Exciting Augmented Reality Case Studies

Together with our partners & clients we implement our technology into industrial use case scenarios. See how industrial players benefit from AR and contact us in case you want to know more.

Holo-Light Edge Computing-ISS

AR with Edge Computing-Visualisation of International Space Station (ISS)

Holo-Light has realized that one of the most common requests of every industrial client is the visualization of 3D content. Whether it is for design review, prototyping, visual support during complicated work processes, or simply for optimized communication and collaboration purposes, visualization is an essential part of implementing Mixed and Augmented Reality (MR/AR) solutions.

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Holo-Light BASF Training

Training at BASF

The Water Resources Act defines very clear guidelines when it comes to work processes which are meant to maintain or improve general water management. Therefore, in order to smoothly and properly complete such an operation, the obligatory training processes are very complex and time-intensive.

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Holo-Light Interaction Holo-Stylus

Holo-Stylus co-development with Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

The market is booming when it comes to the development of new head-mounted displays. But with many companies developing different hardware and software approaches, the market has also become very fragmented, especially with regards to methods for interacting with virtual content.

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Case Study - Service & Utility

Maintenance of Festo's motion terminal

OPC-UA enables the exchange of communication from one machine to another. Holo-Light created an interface between HoloLens and OPC-UA which makes this fascinating case study possible.

Festo’s Motion Terminal VTEM, a complex pneumatic device, offers an excellent opportunity to explore the various possibilities when integrating machine data into a Mixed Reality interface.

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Holo-Light Case study Training and Education

Festo Implements Holographic Assembly Training with HoloLens

In the fields of training and education, Mixed Reality (MR) is proving to be one of the most powerful innovations in years. Aside from being a cost-effective means to automate training processes, MR holograms give learners more ways to truly interact with complex concepts, increasing their abilities as well as their engagement.

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Holo-Light Case study Manufacturing Magna

Automotive Supplier Magna uses HoloLens for Quality Control

In the automotive industry, several forward-thinking companies had problems which could be solved using innovative MR solutions. The global automotive supplier Magna is working toward the intelligent factory of the future , the smart factory. One of its most beneficial use cases is guided quality control using Microsoft’s HoloLens. Every year, its facility in Graz produces more than 150,000 cars. Each car has to be checked for potential defects before it can be delivered to the customer.

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