Holo-Light, case studies

When Microsoft introduced the HoloLens and its Mixed Reality initiative in 2016, they launched a new technology with opportunities and applications for many industrial sectors. In doing so, they inspired everyone to think about how they could integrate this technology into current ways of doing things.

Innovation is a key component of remaining competitive, and companies are looking for optimization, improvement, and digitization in an effort to create what recently has been called industry 4.0, or the smart factory. Microsoft’s HoloLens offers an incredible hardware solution for industry 4.0, but hardware alone cannot solve problems and optimize processes. It requires us to design innovative solutions, which enable users to take advantage of new technology.

Here we have listed some interesting case studies:

Service & Utility: Holo-Light created an interface which makes it possible to properly maintain machines by running diagnostics, viewing their live or historical data and even controlling them through HoloLens.

service utility

Training & Education: Together with automation expert Festo we developed an application that teaches new workers a certain work process with step by step instructions and an integrated training module.

education training

Manufacturing: We have created an application for the automotive supplier Magna that helps workers through a car’s quality control process in a new time and cost efficient way.


Building Information Modelling (BIM): We created an interface to BIM software in order to visualize a building for one of STIHL’s groundbreaking ceremonies before it was even built.

building information modeling

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