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What is ISAR SDK?

ISAR SDK is a plugin, which can be integrated into your Unity app. This enables your mixed reality app to be executed on a remote computer. While your entire app gets streamed to your HoloLens2, Oculus Quest 2 or Android device, Holo-Light’s corresponding client application runs on the XR device and receives the image stream. The connection between the client application and the server application enables real-time streaming of XR content.

A current requirement is that the app needs to be based on the MRTK toolkitHowever, SteamVR is planned to be supported still this year.

Implementation is easy

Integrating the ISAR SDK into your app is easy – most integrations are completed in under 20 minutes. As a result, you can target a PC instead of a XR device (such as HoloLens 2, Oculus Quest 2 or Android device) which allows better graphics, significantly more intricate logic and higher complexity. With ISAR SDK you can benefit from (potentially) unlimited performance.

Should you not want to use GitHub or do not wish to be contacted, contact us directly to make other arrangements.

ISAR Architecture

Real-time streaming of XR content is possible thanks to the connection between the client application and the server application.