Holo-Light Case Studies Construction 4.0: AR app supports excavator drivers in their work

Case Study - Construction 4.0
AR app supports excavator drivers in their work

25.02.2019, Iris Feuchter

It is a common childhood dream to be at the wheel of an excavator, but behind the operation and control of such a vehicle is more complexity than one would expect. In fact, excavators contain very intelligent systems which can capture and process significant amounts of data and provide them to the excavator’s driver. Instructions and information based on this data appear on a display in the driver's cab and must then be correctly read, interpreted, and executed by the driver.

In order to simplify this complex task, the Technical University of Munich, Fritzmeier Cabs, MTS, Vemcon, and Holo-Light have joined forces for a collaborative project in which the entire wealth of data available to an excavator driver is fed into an Augmented Reality application which transforms this complicated information into vivid and easily comprehensible holograms.

These holograms are displayed at exactly the point in the real environment where they are needed. This can be accomplished because the intelligent tracking systems in an excavator, which work with satellite support, are able to determine the exact position and rotation of the excavator and its moving parts. One can place the digital data very precisely at the desired locations, so that, for example, when looking directly at a pit, an excavator driver can see how deep and how wide he can still dig and where the excavator arm can swing.

With this new approach, misinterpretation of data can be significantly minimized. In addition, it introduces a gamification factor to excavation work, which not only brings greater efficiency and better learning outcomes, but also is more fun to work with.

Construction 4.0: AR app supports excavator drivers in their work
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