AR & MR in the Automotive Industry

In the Automotive sector Augmented Reality is used in many use case scenarios. Both automakers and suppliers benefit from the applications that span the entire production process, but are also used for presentation or training purposes.

The automotive industry is one of the most popular industries when it comes to the use of AR. Even though it is often kept a secret who uses which use case in order not to lose the competitive advantage, AR is already well established in this field. Both car manufacturers and suppliers benefit from the applications that span the entire production process but are also used for presentation or training purposes. The potential for use cases in this sector is therefore very high.

Product presentations can be important for both internal and external marketing purposes, but also for the production process itself. Visualizing 3D CAD files in AR can accelerate product development or decision-making and also answer important design questions. Due to the holographic representation of the desired object, a better overview and imagination is given, since the viewing of a 2D screen is now superfluous.

With visualizations of this kind, the car, a component or the interior can be checked for design and fit during production. In internal or external meetings, such visualization applications can be used to support conversation or to introduce something. But even suppliers can present their products and also car dealerships can present their latest models anytime, anywhere.

Our CAD-Viewer Holo-View has proven to reduce costs for prototyping by 30% and to accelerate the work processes in product development by more than 10%.

As this type of visualization also allows people from other locations to connect and view them, these AR solutions also strengthen collaboration with partners, colleagues, suppliers, OEMs or other departments.

But not only CAD visualizations support the workspace of the future - also representations of CAE files, e.g. for the simulation of crash tests do not only improve understanding, but also simplifiy decisions when it comes to the safety factor of a car.

In addition to visualizations, applications can also be used in which a worker is guided through a certain process. Processes that seek to be optimized by AR can be found along the entire value chain and range from new employee training, to repair and maintenance instructions and quality control.

Especially quality control is a ubiquitous challenge while the digitalization of this process has made only limited process within the last years. Although some inspections happen fully automatically, some quality checks still need to be done by humans.

The error rate and the effort involved can be considerably minimized with uniform out-of-the-box solutions by AR.

Quality Control Applications like the one provided by Holo-Light can accelerate the work flow by up to 40% and reduce errors by up to 60 %.


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