Holo-Light proudly holds the following core values: Quality, innovation and usability.

Quality comes from the heart, and everyone working at Holo-Light gives it their all. Our employee-focused culture creates an environment of creativity and motivation that leads to strong growth. As the well-balanced team of international experts increases in size, so does the passion driving Holo-Light. Our goal is for all of our team members to maximize their potential. That’s the only way you can truly transform an industry and pioneer a technology like Mixed Reality.

Through in-depth consultations, Holo-Light cultivates a long-term market strategy that is tailored to each customer’s individual needs. We keep improving ourselves by caring and leveraging the feedback of colleagues, partners and customers. This is undeniably an effective approach to building exceptional products and integrations as well as another example of how Holo-Light distinguishes itself in the market.

Specializing in industrial uses, the technology startup Holo-Light focuses on developing customized and practical Mixed Reality software products by minimizing complexity. During its first year of operation, the rapidly-growing company added 25 employees and opened offices in Munich and Tryol. Holo-light has garnered a great deal of industry attention due to its many practical and professional applications. Whether used for quality control, demonstration, maintenance, or training purposes, we offer innovative, fast, and simple solutions. Our products have already been adopted by some of the top 500 industrial, technological, and communication companies around the world. Furthermore we have been named as one of the most promising tech-startups by numerous platforms, such as the "Tech Founders"? program, the "Startup Autobahn"? and "Pioneers"? among many others.

The combined power of our staff is able to bring our services and products to the next level. We have skills in several areas of development and design, people with backgrounds in Physics, Computer-Science and Mathematics as well as a team with experience in Business Administration. Holo-Light is proud to have an experienced, motivated and ambitious team, where colleagues can work and laugh in a pleasant environment. We try to offer a creative, modern and healthy working environment for our team. In order to deliver high quality services and products to our customers. We have high standards for our work, but at the same time we try to convey our passion to every employee and create a space that can facilitate recovery when needed. Visit us, have a coffee in our lounge and witness an exciting technology emerging from our team.