Holo-Light provides industrial Augmented Reality solutions with focus on engineering, manufacturing and automotive.

Reinventing Computing with AR

AR brings computing away from 2D screens and into the real world. Its potential unfolds through industry 4.0 and helps companies make their work processes more resource-efficient and productive.

Holo-Light Augmented & Mixed Reality for the Automotive Industry


In the Automotive sector Augmented Reality is used in many use case scenarios. Both automakers and suppliers benefit from the applications that span the entire production process, but are also used for presentation or training purposes.

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Holo-Light Augmented & Mixed Reality for Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering

In the manufacturing and engineering industry, almost every step across the value chain allows supporting AR approaches. Check the correct production process using CAD or CAE visualizations, or receive work instructions by process guidance or remote maintenance applications.

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Holo-Light Augmented & Mixed Reality in Construction


Both the planning and execution of the construction industry, as well as the facility management benefit from Augmented Reality by the 3-dimensional presentation of the necessary data via a BIM interface.

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Holo-Light Augmented & Mixed Reality for Training


Regardless of the industry branch, training and teaching new employees in Augmented Reality has proven to be a very effective and innovative way in which users are able to learn new tasks in a playful manner, and as a result remember them much better.

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Ground-breaking technology, driving your AR experience.

Remote Rendering

Holo Light remote rendering

Our Edge Computing based technology enables high performance AR experiences.

With remote rendering we are able to visualize 50x more 3D content.(50M polygons compared to 1M polygons)


Holo Light collaboration

Our technology enables cross platform collaboration between AR users.

Our collaboration enables persistant AR content, global collaboration and exchange of 3D content, delivering important components for the AR Cloud.


Holo Light interaction

We develop our own markerless tracking technology based on Machine Learning.

Our tracking technology enables a 10x more precise way of interaction with virtual content (< 2mm).

Our Technology in Action



Gain a better grasp of engineering with this CAD visualization tool.

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Our unique input device for HMDs enables a more intuitive and precise way of interaction with 3D content.

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Holo-Light has realized that one of the most common requests of every industrial client is the visualization of 3D content.

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Partner & Customer Network

At Holo-Light, we place a high value on relationships. Have a look at some of our amazing partners and customers.
Holo-Light, Festo
Holo-Light, Magna
Holo-Light, Plug and Play
Holo-Light, BASF
Holo-Light, BMW
Holo-Light, Porsche
Holo-Light, SIEMENS
Holo-Light, DAQRI
Holo-Light, TechFounders
Holo-Light, MCI
Holo-Light, Innovation Hub
Holo-Light, hub:raum
Holo-Light, Volkswagen
Holo-Light, Engie
Holo-Light, Thyssenkrup
Holo-Light, Honda
Holo-Light, Bosch
Holo-Light, Siemens

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