Unleashing the Potential of XR

With XRnow we create the most powerful immersive streaming platform for AR/VR.

Cloud Power for All XR Apps

Holo-Light is building a global, all-encompassing platform to host and stream any XR application. XRnow brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR devices, enabling high-performance processing, on demand access, and global availability of AR and VR experiences. We are creating the streaming service for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications across all segments and industries.


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Key benefits for every player in the field of AR/VR.

Endless processing power to stream big data

Global app availability on XR devices

High data security & infrastructure flexibility

Reduced development costs & time savings

Join the World's Leading Enterprises in Streaming XR


The ecosystem to empower every AR & VR app starts here.


The core of our streaming platform. ISAR SDK can be integrated into XR applications within minutes to enable high-performance platform streaming to all kinds of mobile XR devices.

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AR3S is our lighthouse XR application running on the platform. Over 100 customers from various industries use the software in their daily design and engineering workflows.

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€ 150.000

Cost savings per XR app development cycle


Cost savings of enterprise R&D departments

With Our Software and Technology You Can…

Optimize Industrial Workflows

By merging virtual 3D models with the real environment engineers can make faster concept evaluations, avoid design faults, improve on investment decisions and much more.

Boost the Performance of Your XR App

Level up the performance of your XR devices and get the most out of your 3D content. Increased performance allows users to display high-detailed renderings with compute-intensive shader effects.

Accelerate App Development

Learn how to accelerate your app development process thanks to easy testing and deployment.

Brands Who Trust in Us


And many more …