Holo-View, Holo-Stylus, unique input device

Revolutionizing interaction

Holo-Stylus is a new input device for all head-mounted display offering a more precise and intuitive way of interacting with virtual content.

The New Mouse for New Computing

Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have arrived in the industrial sector and are rapidly making their way into all areas of our daily lives. The market for head-mounted displays (HMD) is booming, and so is the demand. But with many companies developing different hardware and software approaches, the market has become very fragmented.

Standards for MR and AR need to be created in order to build a framework for developing new technologies. We made this our mission and forged ahead to create our first hardware product, Holo-Stylus, in collaboration with Management Center Innsbruck. This input device with incomparably precise tracking is compatible with all HMDs and is considered the first universal tool for interacting with holograms.

Key Features

Holo-Light, Holo-Stylus, three dimensional drawing

3 Dimensional Drawing
Create 3D drawings in your own environment.

Holo-Light, Holo-Stylus, easy and intuitive interactions

Natural & Intuitive
Easy and intuitive interactions when using it for everyday tasks.

Holo-Stylus, simplify coordinations

Simplify Coordinations
Precisely mark objects and map out robotic movements.

Holo-Light, Holo-Stylus, precise tracking

Precise Tracking
Use its submillimeter-accurate tracking for the most delicate interactions.

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