Holo-Light, Holo-Expo

Tomorrow’s Exhibition Today

Do you need a highlight for your next fair? Are you struggling with the presentation of your products? With our Holo-Expo Service we create an unique and guided Mixed Reality experience.

This service allows you to create the exhibition of the future for your upcoming trade shows and other future events. Design your own storyboard and termine the level of immersion, the position of holograms or the interaction possibilities you would like to offer to your visitors.

Key Features

Holo-Expo, no limits to presentation

No Limits to Presentation
Present products which are impractical to ship or difficult to explain. You can show your products anytime and anywhere, all around the world.

Holo-Expo, variety of explanation tools

Variety of Explanation Tools
Explain your product via holographic text panels, 3D animations, videos and many more. The visitors will experience your product in a new way and feel what innovation truly means.

Holo-Expo, share what you see

Share What You See
Share what you see with the multi-user mode, discuss it with your colleagues or let a trained exhibitor guide you through the experience.

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