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Holo-Light, Holo-View, product


This software product transforms your CAD files into 3 dimensional, interactive holographs.

It allows users to quickly load holograms of prototypes, enabling full interaction through a streamlined user interface. The pioneering technology of Holo-View has many application areas across almost every industry, from construction to engineering to sales. You can also use it for design purposes and overlay holograms on top of real products to create the perfect prototyping or product presentations. Holo-View is a truly powerful tool for viewing 3D models.

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Our first hardware product, Holo-Stylus, created in collaboration with Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), is rapidly conquering the Mixed Reality (MR) universe.

This input device comes in the form of a pen with incomparable precision, tracking your movements down to the submillimeter. It is a natural and intuitive input device, facilitating the handling of holograms, accurate design in 3D space, and virtual crafting which requires delicate movements. But Holo-Stylus 3D does not only enable a huge variety of movements, its compatibility with all head-mounted displays makes it the first standard for interactions in MR, comparable to what the mouse was for the computer.

We introduced the first prototype of this incomparably precise input device in September at TrendOne’s Sample Day and already are taking pre-orders.

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Holo-Light, Holo-Stylus, products
Holo-Light, Holo-Expo, products


Enhance your exhibition with your own stunning holograms with Mixed Reality and Holo-Expo. Let your creativity flow and create compelling storyboards to present your products. Determine the level of immersion, the position of holograms and the interaction possibilities you would like to offer your visitors. You can show your products anytime and anywhere, all around the world, regardless of how large or small a product is. Explain your product via text panels, 3D animations, videos or voice. Your visitors will truly experience what makes your product great.

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